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Journal TitleMedAbbrISSN
The Royal Canadian Dental Corps quarterly.R Can Dent Corps Q0557-3890
Rhode Island dental journal.R I Dent J0091-8903
Rhode Island history.R I Hist0035-4619
Rhode Island medicine.R I Med1061-222X
Rhode Island medical journal.R I Med J0035-4627
Rhode Island medical journal.R I Med J0363-7913
R.I. medical journal.R I Med J0360-067X
The Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene journal.R Inst Public Health Hyg J0370-5609
R & S report. 1 _aHawaii. _bDept. of Health._bResearch and Statistics Office.R S Rep0093-3481
Reales sitios.R Sitios0486-0993
Royal Society of Health journal.R Soc Health J0035-9130
Race & class.Race Cl0306-3968
Radovi Medicinskog faculteta u Zagrebu.Rad Med Fak Zagrebu0033-8575
Radiation data and reports.Radiat Data Rep0091-6722
Radiation effects.Radiat Eff0033-7579
Radiation and environmental biophysics.Radiat Environ Biophys0301-634X
Radiation measurements.Radiat Meas1350-4487
Radiation medicine.Radiat Med0288-2043
Radiation oncology investigations.Radiat Oncol Investig1065-7541
Radiation protection dosimetry.Radiat Prot Dosimetry0144-8420
Radiation research.Radiat Res0033-7587
Radiation research. Supplement.Radiat Res Suppl0485-8611
Radiatsionnaia biologiia, radioecologiia / Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk.Radiats Biol Radioecol0869-8031
Radical America.Radic Am0033-7617
Radical history review.Radic Hist Rev0163-6545
Radiobiologia, radioterapia, e fisica medica.Radiobiol Radioter Fis Med0033-8176
Radiobiologia, radiotherapia.Radiobiol Radiother (Berl)0033-8184
Radiography today.Radiogr Today0954-8211
Radiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc.Radiographics0271-5333
Radiologia Austriaca.Radiol Austriaca
Radiologia clinica.Radiol Clin
Radiologia clinica.Radiol Clin (Basel)0376-6748
Radiologia clinica et biologica.Radiol Clin Biol0033-8346
Radiologic clinics of North America.Radiol Clin North Am0033-8389
Radiologia diagnostica.Radiol Diagn (Berl)0033-8354
Radiological health data and reports.Radiol Health Data Rep0033-8400
Radiologia interamericana.Radiol Interam
Radiology management.Radiol Manage0198-7097
La Radiologia medica.Radiol Med (Torino)0033-8362
Radiologia pratica.Radiol Prat0481-6692
Radiologic technology.Radiol Technol0033-8397
Der Radiologe.Radiologe0033-832X
Radioterapia, radiobiologia e fisica medica.Radioter Radiobiol Fis Medica
Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology.Radiother Oncol0167-8140
Rajasthan medical journal.Rajasthan Med J0485-9561
The Rand journal of economics.Rand J Econ0741-6261
RANF review.RANF Rev
Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM.Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom0951-4198
Rasprave i grada za povijest znanosti / Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti.Raspr Grada Povij Znan
Rassegna degli archivi di Stato.Rass Arch Stato0392-1522
Rassegna clinico-scientifica.Rass Clin Sci0370-4165
La Rassegna di clinica, terapia e scienze affini.Rass Clin Ter0370-4181
Rassegna di dermatologia e di sifilografia.Rass Dermatol Sifilogr0033-9490
Rassegna di fisiopatologia clinica e terapeutica.Rass Fisiopatol Clin Ter0033-9520
Rassegna giuliana di medicina.Rass Giuliana Med
Rassegna internazionale di clinica e terapia.Rass Int Clin Ter0033-9695
Rassegna internazionale di stomatologia pratica.Rass Int Stomatol Prat0033-9717
Rassegna italiana di chirurgia e medicina.Rass Ital Chir Med
Rassegna italiana di gastro-enterologia.Rass Ital Gastroenterol0483-9811
Rassegna italiana di sociologia.Rass Ital Sociol0486-0349
La Rassegna della letteratura italiana.Rass Lett Ital0033-9423
Rassegna di medicina industriale e di igiene del lavoro.Rass Med Ind Ig Lav0370-6249
Rassegna medica sarda.Rass Med Sarda0033-9776
Rassegna di medicina sperimentale.Rass Med Sper0033-9555
Rassegna medica.Rass Medica
Rassegna di neurologia vegetativa.Rass Neurol Veg0048-6752
Rassegna di neuropsichiatria e scienze affini.Rass Neuropsichiatr0048-6760
Rassegna odontotecnica.Rass Odontotec0048-6787
Rassegna penitenziaria e criminologica.Rass Penititenziaria Crim0392-7156
Rassegna storica del Risorgimento : organo della Societa nazionale per la storia del Risorgimento itRass Stor Risorgim0033-9873
Rassegna di studi psichiatrici.Rass Studi Psichiatr0033-9636
Rassegna trimestrale di odontoiatria.Rass Trimest Odontoiatr0033-9911
Rasy i narody / Akademiia nauk SSSR, Institut etnografii im. N.N. Miklukho-Maklaia.Rasy Nar Sovrem Etn Ras Probl
Ratio juris.Ratio Juris0952-1917
Rational drug therapy.Ration Drug Ther0031-7020
Raumforschung und Raumordnung.Raumforsch Raumordn0034-0111
Ravintsara : collection medecine, sante publique.Ravintsara
RCM midwives : the official journal of the Royal College of Midwives.RCM Midwives1479-2915
RCM midwives journal : official journal of the Royal College of Midwives.RCM Midwives J1462-138X
RCN nursing standard.RCN Nurs Stand
Reaching out.Reach Out0034-0324
The Reader's digest.Read Dig0034-0375
Realites cliniques : revue europeenne d'odontologie.Real Clin0999-5021
Real property, probate, and trust journal.Real Property Probate Trust J0034-0855
Reanimation et organes artificiels. Wiederbelebung und kunstliche Organe. Reanimation and artificialReanim Organes Artif0079-9904
Reason papers.Reason Pap0363-1893
The Record of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.Rec Assoc Bar City New York0004-5837
Records of Buckinghamshire, or, Papers and notes on the history, antiquities, and architecture of thRec Bucks
Record of chemical progress.Rec Chem Prog0034-1584
Records of the Columbia Historical Society, Washington, D.C.Rec Columb Hist Soc0897-9049
Recueil de medecine veterinaire.Rec Med Vet Ec Alfort0034-1843
Recent advances in biological psychiatry.Recent Adv Biol Psychiatry0376-2122
Recent advances in clinical nuclear medicine.Recent Adv Clin Nucl Med0308-2458
Recent advances in nursing.Recent Adv Nurs0144-6592
Recent advances in studies on cardiac structure and metabolism.Recent Adv Stud Cardiac Struct Metab0363-5872
Recent developments in alcoholism : an official publication of the American Medical Society on AlcohRecent Dev Alcohol0738-422X
Recent progress in hormone research.Recent Prog Horm Res0079-9963
Recent results in cancer research. Fortschritte der Krebsforschung. Progres dans les recherches surRecent Results Cancer Res0080-0015
Recenti progressi in medicina.Recenti Prog Med0034-1193
Receptors & signal transduction.Recept Signal Transduct1087-8475
Receptors & channels.Receptors Channels1060-6823
Recherches amerindiennes au Quebec.Rech Amerindien Que0318-4137
Recherches economiques de Louvain.Rech Econ Louvain0770-4518
Recherches feministes.Rech fem0838-4479
Recherches geographiques a Strasbourg.Rech Geogr Strasbg0396-9657
Recherche sociale.Rech Soc0034-124X
Recherches sociographiques.Rech Sociogr0034-1282
Recherche en soins infirmiers.Rech Soins Infirm0297-2964
Recherches.Recher Fed Groupes Etud Recher Inst
La Recherche.Recherche0029-5671
Recombinant DNA technical bulletin.Recomb DNA Tech Bull0196-0229
Reconstruction surgery and traumatology.Reconstr Surg Traumatol0080-0260
Record.Record (Washington)0160-0036
Recruit & retain : a monthly publication for professionals concerned with nurse recruitment and reteRecruit Retain0278-2766
Recruitment & retention report.Recruit Retent Rep1044-0666
Recruitment, retention & restructuring report.Recruit Retent Restruct Rep
Red River Valley historical review.Red River Val Hist Rev0362-6415
Redbook : the magazine for young adults.Redbook0034-2106
Redox report : communications in free radical research.Redox Rep1351-0002
References en gynecologie obstetrique.Ref Gynecol Obstet1244-8168
RSR. Reference services review.Ref Serv Rev0090-7324
Reflections on nursing leadership / Sigma Theta Tau International, Honor Society of Nursing.Reflect Nurs Leadersh1527-6538
Reflections / Sigma Theta Tau.Reflections0885-8144
The Reformed journal.Reform J0486-252X
Refractive & corneal surgery.Refract Corneal Surg1042-962X
Refu'ah veterinarit : riv'on Histadrut ha-rof'im ha-veterinariyim be-Erets-Yisra'el.Refu Vet0034-3153
Refu'at ha-peh veha-shinayim (Tel Aviv, Israel : 1969)Refuat Hapeh Vehashinayim0034-3161
Refu'at ha-peh veha-shinayim (1993)Refuat Hapeh Vehashinayim0792-9935
Refu'at ha-shinayim (Tel Aviv, Israel : 1944)Refuat Hashinayim
Refu'at ha-shinayim (Tel Aviv, Israel : 1983)Refuat Hashinayim0334-1402
Refugee reports.Refug Rep0884-3554
Regional-Anaesthesie.Reg Anaesth0171-1946
Regional anesthesia.Reg Anesth0146-521X
Regional anesthesia and pain medicine.Reg Anesth Pain Med1098-7339
Regional development dialogue.Reg Dev Dialogue0250-6505
Regional immunology.Reg Immunol0896-0623
Regional science perspectives.Reg Sci Perspect0097-1197
Regional science and urban economics.Reg Sci Urban Econ0166-0462
Regional studies.Reg Stud0034-3404
The Regan report on nursing law.Regan Rep Nurs Law0034-3196
Regards sur l'actualite.Regards Actual0337-7091
Regensburger Jahrbuch fur arztliche Fortbildung.Regensb Jahrb Arztl Fortbild
The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society.Regist Ky Hist Soc0023-0243
Registered nurse (Toronto, Ont.)Regist Nurse0840-8831
The regulatory affairs journal.Regul Aff J0960-7889
Regulatory analyst. Medical waste.Regul Anal Med Waste1065-1063
Regulatory peptides.Regul Pept0167-0115
Regulatory peptides. Supplement.Regul Pept Suppl0169-5134
Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP.Regul Toxicol Pharmacol0273-2300
Rehab management.Rehab Manag0899-6237
Rehabilitation counseling bulletin.Rehabil Couns Bull0034-3552
Rehabilitace A Fyzikalni Lekarstvi.Rehabil Fyz Lek1211-2658
Rehabilitation literature.Rehabil Lit0034-3579
Rehabilitation nursing : the official journal of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses.Rehabil Nurs0278-4807
Rehabilitation psychology.Rehabil Psychol0090-5550
Rehabilitation record.Rehabil Rec0034-3587
Rehabilitation: Sozialmedizin, physikalische Medizin, Praventivmedizin; internationale Zeitschrift mRehabilitation (Bonn)0048-7147
Die Rehabilitation.Rehabilitation (Stuttg)0034-3536
Reihe, Medizinische Forschung.Reihe Med Forsch
Rein et foie, maladies de la nutrition; actualites.Rein Foie0085-5464
Rejuvenation research.Rejuvenation Res1549-1684
Relaciones internacionales.Relac Int0185-0814
Religious education (Chicago, Ill.)Relig Educ0034-4087
Religious humanism.Relig Humanism0034-4095
Religion in life (New York, N.Y.)Relig Life0034-3986
Religious studies review.Relig Stud Rev0319-485X
Remedes-Actualites.Rem Actual0484-3800
Renal failure.Ren Fail0886-022X
Ren kou xue kan / Kuo Li Tai-Wan Ta Hsueh.Ren Kou Xue Kan
Ren kou xue kan (Changchun shi, China)Ren Kou Xue Kan
Renal physiology.Ren Physiol0378-5858
Renal physiology and biochemistry.Ren Physiol Biochem1011-6524
Renaissance and modern studies.Renaiss Mod Stud0486-3720
Renaissance quarterly.Renaiss Q0034-4338
Renaissance and Reformation.Renaiss Reform0034-429X
Rendiconti / Accademia Nazionale Del Xl.Rend Accad Naz XL0370-3460
Rendiconti - Istituto superiore di sanita.Rend Ist Sup Sanit0370-5811
Rendezvous.Rendezvous (Buffalo)0484-3916
Ren kou yan jiu = Renkou yanjiu.Renkou Yanjiu1000-6087
Ren kou yu jing ji = Renkou yu jingji.Renkou Yu Jingji1000-4149
Reports - American Universities Field Staff. American Universities Field Staff.Rep Am Univ Field Staff0161-0724
Report. 1 _aCanada. _bDefence Research Chemical Laboratories.Rep Can Def Res Chem Lab
Report. Canada. Defence Research Kingston Laboratory.Rep Can Def Res Kings Lab
Report on carcinogens : carcinogen profiles / U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public HealthRep Carcinog1551-8272
Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of New Jersey. New Jersey. Supreme CourtRep Cases Argued Determ Supreme Court N J N J Supr
Reports of cases decided in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, State of New York. New YorkRep Cases Decided Appell Div Supreme Court State N0276-9581
Reports of cases decided in the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia at the ... Georgia. Supreme CoRep Cases Decided Supreme Court State Ga Ga Suprem
Reports of cases determined in the courts of appeal of the state of California.Rep Cases Determ Court Appeal State Calif
[Report]. Civil Aeromedical Research Institute (U. S.)Rep Civ Aeromed Res Inst US
Report - Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.Rep Comm Accredit Rehabil Facil0045-7590
Report of the congress. 2 _aEuropean Orthodontic Society.Rep Congr Eur Orthod Soc
Reporter (Wilmington, Del.)Rep Del Nurses Assoc0418-5412
Report (Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry : 1984)Rep Group Adv Psychiatry0888-3394
Report (Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry)Rep Group Adv Psychiatry0072-775X
Reports on health and social subjects.Rep Health Soc Subj (Lond)0300-8045
Report - Institute on Human Values in Medicine.Rep Inst Hum Values0163-0849
Report from the Institute for Philosophy & Public Policy.Rep Inst Philos Public Policy1067-2478
Reports (International Development Research Centre (Canada))Rep Int Dev Res Cent Can
Report on medical guidelines & outcomes research.Rep Med Guidel Outcomes Res1050-5636
A report of the ... National Forum on Hospital and Health Affairs / conducted by the Graduate PrograRep Natl Forum Hosp Health Aff
Report - Navy Medical Neuropsychiatric Research Unit.Rep Nav Med Neuropsychiatr Res Unit
[Report no.] NAEC-ACEL-. United States. Aerospace Crew Equipment Laboratory, Philadelphia.Rep No NAEC ACEL United States Aerosp Crew Equip L
Reports on population/family planning.Rep Popul Fam Plann0079-3892
Report of proceedings / the Scottish Society of the History of Medicine. 2 _aScottish Society of theRep Proc Scott Soc Hist Med0559-1996
Reports on public health and medical subjects.Rep Public Health Med Subj (Lond)0072-6117
Reports on rheumatic diseases.Rep Rheum Dis0048-7279
Reports of selected cases decided in courts of the State of New York other than the Court of AppealsRep Sel Cases Decided Courts State N Y Court Appea
Report. U. S. Army Medical Research Laboratory.Rep US Army Med Res Lab0097-5362
Report. 1 _aUnited States. _bArmy Medical Research and Nutrition Laboratory, Denver.Rep US Army Med Res Nutr Lab Denver
Report - U. S. Naval Medical Research Laboratory.Rep US Nav Med Res Lab
Report (U.S. Naval Submarine Medical Center)Rep US Nav Submar Med Cent0730-8515
Report. United States. Navy Experimental Diving Unit, Washington, D. C.Rep US Navy Exp Diving Unit
Reporter on human reproduction and the law.Report Hum Reprod Law8756-2057
Representative research in social psychology.Represent Res Soc Psychol0034-4907
Representations (Berkeley, Calif.)Representations (Berkeley)0734-6018
Reproduction (Cambridge, England). Abstract seriesReprod Abstr Ser1476-3990
Reproductive biology.Reprod Biol1642-431X
Reproductive biology and endocrinology [electronic resource] : RB&E.Reprod Biol Endocrinol
Reproductive biomedicine online.Reprod Biomed Online1472-6483
Reproduction in domestic animals = Zuchthygiene.Reprod Domest Anim0936-6768
Reproduction, fertility, and development.Reprod Fertil Dev1031-3613
Reproductive freedom news / from the Center for Reproductive Law & Policy.Reprod Freedom News
Reproductive and genetic engineering.Reprod Genet Eng0895-5565
Reproductive health [electronic resource].Reprod Health
Reproductive health matters.Reprod Health Matters0968-8080
Reproduction, nutrition, development.Reprod Nutr Dev0181-1916
Reproduction, nutrition, development.Reprod Nutr Dev0926-5287
Reproduction (Cambridge, England) Supplement.Reprod Suppl1477-0415
Reproductive toxicology (Elmsford, N.Y.)Reprod Toxicol0890-6238
Reproduction (Cambridge, England)Reproduction1470-1626
ReproWatch (Youth edition)ReproWatch (Youth Ed)0119-044X
Repura. Leprosy.Repura0024-1008
Research agenda brief.Res Agenda Brief
Research on aging.Res Aging0164-0275
Research and clinical studies in headache.Res Clin Stud Headache0080-1453
Research communications in chemical pathology and pharmacology.Res Commun Chem Pathol Pharmacol0034-5164
Research communications - Institute for Fermentation, Osaka.Res Commun Inst Ferment0073-8751
Research communications in molecular pathology and pharmacology.Res Commun Mol Pathol Pharmacol1078-0297
Research communications in psychology, psychiatry and behavior.Res Commun Psychol Psychiatr Behav0362-2428
Research communications in substance abuse.Res Commun Subst Abuse0193-0818
Research in community and mental health.Res Community Ment Health0192-0812
Research in developmental disabilities.Res Dev Disabil0891-4222
Research and development technical report. 1 _aUnited States. _bNaval Radiological Defense LaboratorRes Dev Tech Rep
Research in economic anthropology.Res Econ Anthropol0190-1281
Research in economic history.Res Econ Hist0363-3268
Research in experimental medicine. Zeitschrift fur die gesamte experimentelle Medizin einschliesslicRes Exp Med (Berl)0300-9130
Research frontiers in fertility regulation : RFFR / PARFR.Res Front Fertil Regul0278-5188
Research in health economics.Res Health Econ0197-0690
Research in human capital and development.Res Hum Cap Dev0194-3960
Research in immunology.Res Immunol0923-2494
Research initiative, treatment action : RITA.Res Initiat Treat Action1520-8745
Res ipsa loquitur (Washington, D.C.)Res Ipsa Loquitur
Research management.Res Manage0034-5334
Research in microbiology.Res Microbiol0923-2508
Research in nursing & health.Res Nurs Health0160-6891
Research papers (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. History of Medicine Associates)Res Pap Hist Med Assoc
Researches on population ecology.Res Popul Ecol (Kyoto)0034-5466
Research in population economics.Res Popul Econ0163-7878
Research progress in organic, biological and medicinal chemistry.Res Prog Org Biol Med Chem0486-5111
Research in prostaglandins.Res Prostaglandins0048-7309
Research publications - Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease.Res Publ Assoc Res Nerv Ment Dis0091-7443
Res publica (Liverpool, England)Res Publica1356-4765
Res publica litterarum.Res Publica Litt0275-4304
Research quarterly.Res Q0034-5377
Research quarterly for exercise and sport.Res Q Exerc Sport0270-1367
Research report (Health Effects Institute)Res Rep Health Eff Inst1041-5505
Research report. Naval Medical Research Institute (U. S.)Res Rep Nav Med Res Inst (US)
[Research reports]. Naval Medical Field Research Laboratory (Camp Lejeune, N. C.)Res Rep U S Nav Med Field Res Lab
Research report. 2 _aNaval School of Aviation Medicine (U. S.)Res Rep U S Nav Sch Aviat Med0099-9237
Research in reproduction.Res Reprod0034-5253
Research resources reporter.Res Resour Rep0160-807X
Research in rural sociology and development.Res Rural Sociol Dev1057-1922
Research in the service of medicine.Res Serv Med
Research on social work practice.Res Soc Work Pract1049-7315
Research In Sociology Of Education And Socialization.Res Sociol Educ Social0197-5080
Research in the sociology of health care.Res Sociol Health Care0275-4959
Research and statistics note - Social Security Administration, Office of Research and Statistics.Res Stat Note0566-0327
Research and statistics note - Health Care Financing Administration, Office of Policy, Planning, andRes Stat Note Health Care Financ Adm Off Policy Pl0196-1241
Research on steroids.Res Steroids (Amst)0370-7466
Research studies (Pullman, Wash.)Res Stud0043-0838
Research and theory for nursing practice.Res Theory Nurs Pract1541-6577
Research today.Res Today0096-2910
Research in urban economics.Res Urban Econ0277-0121
Research in veterinary science.Res Vet Sci0034-5288
Research in virology.Res Virol0923-2516
Research; a journal of science and its applications.Research
Reseaux - Ciephum.Reseaux Ciephum0378-9926
Resenha clinico-cientifica.Resen Clin Cient0048-735X
Resena historica (Mexico City, Mexico)Resena Hist
Resident and staff physician.Resid Staff Physician0034-5555
Residue reviews.Residue Rev0080-181X
Resources for biomedical research and education.Resour Biomed Res Educ0090-4686
Resources for feminist research : RFR = Documentation sur la recherche feministe : DRF.Resour Fem Res0707-8412
Respiratory care.Respir Care0020-1324
Respiratory care clinics of North America.Respir Care Clin N Am1078-5337
Respiratory management.Respir Manage0892-9289
Respiratory medicine.Respir Med0954-6111
Respiration physiology.Respir Physiol0034-5687
Respiratory physiology & neurobiology.Respir Physiol Neurobiol1569-9048
Respiratory research.Respir Res1465-9921
Respiratory therapy.Respir Ther0048-7392
Respiration; international review of thoracic diseases.Respiration0025-7931
Respirology (Carlton, Vic.)Respirology1323-7799
Responsa meridiana.Responsa Meridiana0486-5588
The Responsive community : rights and responsibilities.Responsive Community1053-0754
Restaurants & institutions.Restaurants Inst0273-5520
Restorative neurology and neuroscience.Restor Neurol Neurosci0922-6028
Restoration quarterly.Restor Q0486-5642
Restorative dentistry.Restorative Dent0266-9315
Results and problems in cell differentiation.Results Probl Cell Differ0080-1844
Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.)Retina0275-004X
Retrovirology [electronic resource].Retrovirology
Revista ABP-APAL / Associacao Brasileira de Psiquiatria and Asociacion Psiquiatrica de America LatinRev ABPAPAL0102-7646
Majallat Majma' al-Lughah al-'Arabiyah bi-Dimashq.Rev Acad Arabe Damas
Revue de l'Academie polonaise des sciences. Polska Akademia Nauk.Rev Acad Pol Sci0554-5641
Revista de actualidad estomatologica espanola / Ilustre Consejo General de Colegios de Odontologos yRev Actual Estomatol Esp0212-9701
Revista de actualidad odontoestomatologica espanola : boletin de informacion, del Ilustre Consejo GeRev Actual Odontoestomatol Esp0212-9701
Revista ADM (Asociacion Dental Mexicana : 1988)Rev ADM0001-0944
Revista ADM : organo oficial de la Asociacion Dental Mexicana.Rev ADM0001-0944
Revista de administracao municipal.Rev Adm Munic0034-7604
Review of African political economy.Rev Afr Polit Econ0305-6244
Revista de la Agrupacion Odontologica de la Capital Federal.Rev Agrup Odontol Cap Fed
Revista alergia : organo oficial de la Sociedad Mexicana de Alergia e Inmunlogia.Rev Alerg
Revista alergia Mexico (Tecamachalco, Puebla, Mexico : 1993)Rev Alerg Mex
Revista alergia Mexico.Rev Alerg Mex
Revue d'Allemagne.Rev Allem0035-0974
Review of allergy.Rev Allergy0034-6411
Revue d'Alsace.Rev Alsace0181-0448
Reviews in American history.Rev Am Hist0048-7511
Revue annuelle - Societe odonto-stomatologique du Nord-Est.Rev Annu Soc Odontostomatol Nordest0081-1203
Revista de archivos, bibliotecas y museos (Madrid, Spain : 1897)Rev Arch Bibl Mus0034-771X
Revue archeologique du centre de la France.Rev Archeol Centre France0220-6617
Revue d'archeologie moderne et d'archeologie generale : RAMAGE.Rev Archeol Mod Archeol Gen0294-0965
Revista argentina de alergia.Rev Argent Alerg
Revista argentina de cardiologia.Rev Argent Cardiol0034-7000
Revista argentina de cirugia.Rev Argent Cir0048-7600
Revista argentina de endocrinologia y metabolismo.Rev Argent Endocrinol Metab0080-2077
Revista Argentina De Implantologia Estomatologica.Rev Argent Implantol Estomatol
Revista Argentina de microbiologia.Rev Argent Microbiol0325-7541
Revista argentina de neurologia y psiquiatria.Rev Argent Neurol Psiquiatr
Revista argentina de reumatologia.Rev Argent Reumatol
Revista argentina de tuberculosis y enfermedades pulmonares.Rev Argent Tuberc Enferm Pulm0301-5289
Revista argentina de urologia.Rev Argent Urol
Revista argentina de urologia y nefrologia.Rev Argent Urol Nefrol0048-7627
Revista arhivelor.Rev Arh0034-7043
Revista de la Asociacion Argentina de Microbiologia.Rev Asoc Argent Microbiol0325-1713
Revista de la Asociacion Medica Argentina.Rev Asoc Med Argent0004-4830
Revista de la Asociacion Mexicana de Enfermeras.Rev Asoc Mex Enferm
Revista de la Asociacion Odontologica Argentina.Rev Asoc Odontol Argent0004-4881
Revista de la Asociacion Odontologica de Costa Rica.Rev Asoc Odontol Costa Rica0066-8575
Revista De La Asociacion De Profesionales Del Hospital Nacional De Odontologia.Rev Asoc Prof Hosp Nac Odontol
Revista da Associacao Medica Brasileira.Rev Assoc Med Bras0004-5241
Revista da Associacao Medica Brasileira (1992)Rev Assoc Med Bras0104-4230
Revista da Associacao Medica de Minas Gerais.Rev Assoc Med Minas Gerais0004-525X
Revista da Associacao Medica do Rio Grande do Sul.Rev Assoc Med Rio Grande Do Sul0004-5268
Revista da Associacao Paulista de Cirurgioes Dentistas.Rev Assoc Paul Cir Dent0004-5276
Revista da Associacao Paulista de Cirurgioes Dentistas Regional de Aracatuba.Rev Assoc Paul Cir Dent Reg Aracatuba0004-5276
Revue d'assyriologie et d'archeologie orientale.Rev Assyriol Archeol Orient0373-6032
Revista del Ateneo Argentino de Odontologia : R.A.A.O.Rev Ateneo Argent Odontol0326-3827
Revista Del Ateneo De La Catedra De Tecnica De Operatoria Dental.Rev Ateneo Catedra Tec Oper Dent
Revue de l'atherosclerose.Rev Atheroscler
Revue de l'atherosclerose et des arteriopathies peripheriques.Rev Atheroscler (Paris)0556-7459
Revue d'Auvergne.Rev Auvergne0035-1008
Revue de l'Avranchin et du pays de Granville.Rev Avranchin Pays Granville0035-1342
Revue belge d'homoeopathie.Rev Belg Homoeopath0035-0885
Revue belge de pathologie et de medecine experimentale.Rev Belg Pathol Med Exp0370-3770
Revue belge d'archeologie et d'histoire de l'art.Rev Belge Archeol Hist Art0035-077X
Revue belge de geographie.Rev Belge Geogr0035-0796
Revue belge d'histoire militaire = Belgisch tijdschrift voor militaire geschiedenis.Rev Belge Hist Milit0035-0877
Revue belge de medecine dentaire. Belgisch tijdschrift voor tandheelkunde.Rev Belge Med Dent0035-080X
Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire. Belgisch tijdschrift voor philologie en geschiedenis.Rev Belge Philol Hist0035-0818
Revue belge de stomatologie. Belgisch tijdschrift voor stomatologie.Rev Belge Stomatol
Revista de la Biblioteca Nacional Jose Marti. Biblioteca Nacional Jose Marti.Rev Bibl Nac Jose Marti0006-1727
Revue de la Bibliotheque nationale. Bibliotheque nationale (France)Rev Bibl Natl0249-7344
Revista de biologia oral.Rev Biol Oral0486-6622
Revista de biologia tropical.Rev Biol Trop0034-7744
The Review of Black political economy.Rev Black Polit Econ0034-6446
Revista brasileira de anestesiologia.Rev Bras Anestesiol0034-7094
Revista brasileira de biologia.Rev Bras Biol0034-7108
Revista brasileira de cirurgia.Rev Bras Cir0034-7124
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Revue canadienne d'etudes du developpement = Canadian journal of development studies.Rev Can Etud Dev0225-5189
Reviews in cardiovascular medicine.Rev Cardiovasc Med1530-6550
Revista catarinense de odontologia.Rev Catarinense Odontol0100-7955
Revista Centro America odontologica.Rev Cent Am Odontol0377-4694
Revista. Centro de Estudos Demograficos (Portugal)Rev Cent Estud Demograficos0079-4082
Revue du Centre d'etude des pays de l'Est et du Centre national pour l'etude des Etats de l'Est. BruRev Cent Etud Pays Est0068-2950
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Revista centroamericana de economia.Rev Centroam Econ0254-4210
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Revista chilena de historia y geografia.Rev Chil Hist Geogr0716-2812
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Revue de chirurgie.Rev Chir
Revista de chirurgie, oncologie, radiologie, o.r.l., oftalmologie, stomatologie. Chirurgie.Rev Chir Oncol Radiol O R L Oftalmol Stomatol Chir0377-5003
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Reviews in clinical & basic pharmacology.Rev Clin Basic Pharm0334-1534
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Revista clinica de Sao Paulo.Rev Clin Sao Paulo
Revista del Colegio Estomatologico de Guatemala.Rev Col Estomatol Guatem0069-5157
Revista del Colegio de Medicos y Cirujanos de Guatemala.Rev Col Med Cir Guatem
Revista del Colegio Medico de Guatemala.Rev Col Med Guatem0413-3137
Revista del Colegio Nacional de Enfermeras.Rev Col Nac Enferm0045-7329
Revista colombiana de obstetricia y ginecologia.Rev Colomb Obstet Ginecol0034-7434
Revista colombiana de pediatria y puericultura.Rev Colomb Pediatr Pueric0120-0402
Revue de Comminges (Pyrenees Centrales).Rev Comminges0035-1059
Revue de Coree.Rev Coree
Revue des corps de sante des armees: terre, mer, air, et du corps veterinaire.Rev Corps Sante Armees Terre Mer Air0035-1954
Revue du corps de sante militaire.Rev Corps Sante Mil
Revista costarricense de ciencias medicas.Rev Costarric Cienc Med0253-2948
Revista cubana de cardiologia.Rev Cubana Cardiol
Revista cubana de enfermeria.Rev Cubana Enferm0864-0319
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Revista cubana de medicina.Rev Cubana Med0034-7523
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Vozes.Rev Cult Vozes
Revue de cytologie clinique.Rev Cytol Clin
Review of Czechoslovak medicine.Rev Czech Med0034-6497
Revista dental.Rev Dent (San Salv)0048-7767
Revista dental.Rev Dent (St Domingo)
Revista dental de Chile.Rev Dent Chile0034-9143
Revue dentaire libanaise. Lebanese dental magazine.Rev Dent Liban0035-1873
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Revue de droit.Rev Droit0317-9656
Revue dromoise.Rev Dromoise
Reviews on drug metabolism and drug interactions.Rev Drug Metab Drug Interact0334-2190
Review of eastern medical sciences.Rev East Med Sci
Revista economica.Rev Econ0251-3080
Review of economic conditions in Italy.Rev Econ Cond Italy0034-6799
Revue d'economie du developpement.Rev Econ Dev1245-4060
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Revue d'economie politique.Rev Econ Polit0373-2630
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The review of economics and statistics.Rev Econ Stat0034-6535
The Review of economic studies.Rev Econ Stud0034-6527
Revue economique du Sud-Ouest.Rev Econ Sud Ouest0395-9007
Revista ecuatoriana de higiene y medicina tropical.Rev Ecuat Hig Med Trop0013-0745
Revista ecuatoriana de medicina y ciencias biologicas.Rev Ecuat Med Cienc Biol0034-9313
Revista ecuatoriana de pediatria.Rev Ecuat Pediatr
Revista ecuatoriana de pediatria y puericultura.Rev Ecuat Pediatr Pueric
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Reviews in endocrine & metabolic disorders.Rev Endocr Metab Disord1389-9155
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Revista de enfermagem.Rev Enferm (Lisboa)0034-8090
Revista enfermagem em novas dimensoes.Rev Enferm Nov Dimens0100-2724
Revue de l'enseignement philosophique.Rev Enseign Philos0035-1393
Revue de l'enseignement superieur.Rev Enseign Super0035-1407
Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology.Rev Environ Contam Toxicol0179-5953
Reviews on environmental health.Rev Environ Health0048-7554
Revue d'epidemiologie, medecine sociale et sante publique.Rev Epidemiol Med Soc Sante Publique0035-2438
Revue d'epidemiologie et de sante publique.Rev Epidemiol Sante Publique0398-7620
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P.Rev Esc Enferm USP0080-6234
Revista De La Escuela De Odontologia, Universidad Nacional De Tucuman, Facultad De Medicina.Rev Esc Odontol Tucuman
Revista espanola de anestesiologia.Rev Esp Anestesiol0210-3591
Revista espanola de anestesiologia y reanimacion.Rev Esp Anestesiol Reanim0034-9356
Revista espanola de antropologia americana / Departamento de Antropologia y Etnologia de America.Rev Esp Antropol Am0556-6533
Revista espanola de cardiologia.Rev Esp Cardiol0300-8932
Revista espanola la de documentacion cientifica.Rev Esp Doc Cient0210-0614
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Revista espanola de las enfermedades del aparato digestivo.Rev Esp Enferm Apar Dig0034-9437
Revista espanola de las enfermedades del aparato digestivo y de la nutricion.Rev Esp Enferm Apar Dig Nutr
Revista espanola de enfermedades digestivas : organo oficial de la Sociedad Espanola de Patologia DiRev Esp Enferm Dig1130-0108
Revista espanola de estomatologia.Rev Esp Estomatol0484-7563
Revista espanola de fisiologia.Rev Esp Fisiol0034-9402
Revista espanola de geriatria y gerontologia.Rev Esp Geriatr Gerontol0211-139X
Reis.Rev Esp Invest Sociol0210-5233
Revista espanola de medicina nuclear.Rev Esp Med Nucl0212-6982
Revista espanola de obstetricia y ginecologia.Rev Esp Obstet Ginecol0034-9445
Revista espanola de oncologia.Rev Esp Oncol0482-640X
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Revista espanola de paleontologia.Rev Esp Paleontol0213-6937
Revista Espanola De Paradoncia.Rev Esp Parad0484-7598
Revista espanola de pediatria.Rev Esp Pediatr0034-947X
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Revista espanola de salud publica.Rev Esp Salud Publica1135-5727
Revista espanola de tuberculosis.Rev Esp Tuberc
Revue de l'Est.Rev Est0035-1415
Revista estadistica (Havana, Cuba)Rev Estad0138-841X
Revista de estudios extremenos.Rev Estud Extremenos0210-2854
Revista de estudios de la vida local.Rev Estud Vida Local0034-8163
Revue d'ethnologie du Quebec.Rev Ethnol Que0318-6938
Revue des etudes byzantines.Rev Etud Byz0373-5729
Revue d'etudes comparatives est-ouest.Rev Etud Comp Est Ouest0338-0599
Revue des etudes grecques.Rev Etud Grec0035-2039
Revue des etudes italiennes.Rev Etud Ital0035-2047
Revue des etudes juives.Rev Etud Juives0484-8616
Revue des etudes latines.Rev Etud Lat0373-5737
Revue des etudes slaves.Rev Etud Slaves0080-2557
Revue des etudes sud-est europeennes.Rev Etud Sud Est Eur0035-2063
Revue europeenne de dermatologie et de MST.Rev Eur Dermatol MST1140-5325
Revista europea de estudios latinoamericanos y del Caribe = European review of Latin American and CaRev Eur Estud Latinoam Caribe0924-0608
Revue europeenne d'etudes cliniques et biologiques. European journal of clinical and biological reseRev Eur Etud Clin Biol0035-3019
Revue europeenne des migrations internationales.Rev Eur Migr Int0765-0752
Revista europea de odonto-estomatologia.Rev Eur Odontoestomatol0214-8668
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Medicas (Cordoba, Argentina)Rev Fac Cien Med Univ Nac Cordoba0014-6722
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Medicas.Rev Fac Cienc Med0375-0752
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Medicas de Cordoba.Rev Fac Cienc Med Cordoba0014-6722
Revista da Faculdade de Farmacia e Odontologia de Araraquara.Rev Fac Farm Odontol Araraquara0014-6684
Revista da Faculdade de Farmacia e Odontologia de Ribeirao Preto.Rev Fac Farm Odontol Ribeiro Preto0100-0160
Revista de la Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad Central de Venezuela.Rev Fac Farm Univ Cent Venez0041-8307
Revista. 2 _aTucuman, Argentine Republic. _bUniversidad._bFacultad de Medicina.Rev Fac Med Tucuman
Revista de la Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.Rev Fac Med Univ Nac Auton Mex0026-1742
Revista de la Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Nacional de Colombia.Rev Fac Med Univ Nac Colomb0120-0011
Revista da Faculdade de Odontologia de Aracatuba.Rev Fac Odontol Aracatuba0300-1350
Revista da Faculdade de Odontologia, Porto Alegre.Rev Fac Odontol P Alegre0477-6763
Revista da Faculdade de Odontologia de Pernambuco.Rev Fac Odontol Pernambuco0048-3419
Revista da Faculdade de Odontologia de Ribeirao Preto.Rev Fac Odontol Ribeiro Preto0102-129X
Revista da Faculdade de Odontologia de Sao Jose dos Campos.Rev Fac Odontol Sao Jose Dos Campos0301-1119
Revista da Faculdade de Odontologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo.Rev Fac Odontol Sao Paulo0581-6866
Revista de la Facultad de Odontologia (San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina)Rev Fac Odontol Tucuman0325-125X
Revista De La Facultad De Odontologia Universidad De Antioquia.Rev Fac Odontol Univ Antioq
Revista de la Facultad de Odontologia (Santiago, Chile)Rev Fac Odontol Univ Chile0716-8500
Revista da Faculdade de Odontologia da Universidade Federal da Bahia.Rev Fac Odontol Univ Fed Bahia0101-8418
Revista de la Facultad de Odontologia.Rev Fac Odontol Univ Nac (Cordoba)0325-1071
Revista de la Facultad de Odontologia de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia.Rev Fac Odontol Univ Nac Colomb0029-8409
Revista da Faculdade de Odontologia da FZL.Rev Faculdade Odontol FZL0103-4391
Revista da Faculdade de Odontologia de Lins.Rev Faculdade Odontol Lins0104-7582
Revista de farmacia e bioquimica da Universidade de Sao Paulo.Rev Farm Bioquim Univ Sao Paulo0370-4726
Revista de farmacia e odontologia.Rev Farm Odontol0034-8201
Review (Federation of American Health Systems)Rev Fed Am Health Syst0891-0200
Review - Federation of American Hospitals.Rev Fed Am Hosp0148-9496
Revista de la Federacion Odontologica Colombiana.Rev Fed Odontol Colomb0046-354X
Revista de la Federacion Odontologica Ecuatoriana.Rev Fed Odontol Ecuat
Revista F O A.Rev FOA0300-2837
Revista de fomento social.Rev Fom Soc0015-6043
Revue francaise des affaires sociales.Rev Fr Aff Soc0035-2985
Revue francaise d'allergologie.Rev Fr Allergol0035-2845
La Revue francaise d'endocrinologie clinique, nutrition, et metabolisme.Rev Fr Endocrinol Clin0048-8062
Revue francaise d'endodontie : publication officielle de la Societe francaise d'endodontie.Rev Fr Endod0294-1813
Revue francaise d'etudes americaines.Rev Fr Etud Am0397-7870
Revue francaise d'etudes cliniques et biologiques.Rev Fr Etud Clin Biol0370-4793
Revue francaise de gerontologie.Rev Fr Gerontol0035-2896
Revue francaise de gynecologie et d'obstetrique.Rev Fr Gynecol Obstet0035-290X
Revue francaise d'histoire du livre.Rev Fr Hist Livre0037-9212
Revue francaise d'histoire d'outre-mer / Societe francaise d'histoire d'outre-mer.Rev Fr Hist Outre Mer0300-9513
Revue francaise des maladies respiratoires.Rev Fr Mal Respir0301-0279
Revue francaise d'odonto-stomatologie.Rev Fr Odontostomatol0035-3043
Revue francaise des prothesistes dentaires.Rev Fr Prothes Dent0242-1828
La Revue francaise de la prothese dentaire.Rev Fr Prothese Dent0048-8089
Revue francaise de psychoanalyse.Rev Fr Psychanal0035-2942
Revue francaise de science politique.Rev Fr Sci Polit0035-2950
Revue francaise de sociologie.Rev Fr Sociol0035-2969
Revue francaise de transfusion.Rev Fr Transfus0035-2977
Revue francaise de transfusion et d'hemobiologie : bulletin de la Societe nationale de transfusion sRev Fr Transfus Hemobiol1140-4639
Revue francaise de transfusion et immuno-hematologie.Rev Fr Transfus Immunohematol0338-4535
Fuerzas armadas de Venezuela (Caracas, Venezuela : 1971)Rev Fuerzas Armadas Venez
The Review of gastroenterology.Rev Gastroenterol0096-2929
Reviews in gastroenterological disorders.Rev Gastroenterol Disord1533-001X
Revista de gastroenterologia de Mexico.Rev Gastroenterol Mex0375-0906
Revista de gastroenterologia del Peru : organo oficial de la Sociedad de Gastroenterologia del Peru.Rev Gastroenterol Peru1022-5129
Revista gaucha de enfermagem / EENFUFRGS.Rev Gaucha Enferm0102-6933
Revista gaucha de odontologia.Rev Gaucha Odontol0034-9542
Revue generale de droit.Rev Gen Droit0035-3086
Revista general de marina.Rev Gen Mar0188-1477
Revue generale des sciences pures et appliquees et bulletin de l'Association francaise pour l'avanceRev Gen Sci Pures Appl Bull Assoc Fr Av Sci
Revue de geographie alpine / publiee par l'Institute de geographie alpine (Universite de Grenoble)Rev Geogr Alp0035-1121
Revue geographique de l'Est.Rev Geogr Est0035-3213
Revista geografica del Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia.Rev Geogr Inst Panam Geogr Hist0031-0581
Revue de geographie de Lyon.Rev Geogr Lyon0035-113X
La Revue de geographie de Montreal.Rev Geogr Montr0035-1148
Revue geographique des Pyrenees et du Sud-Ouest.Rev Geogr Pyren Sud Ouest0035-3221
Revue de gerontologic d'expression francaise.Rev Gerontol Expr Fr0035-2896
Revista de ginecologia e d'obstetricia.Rev Ginecol Obstet (Sao Paulo)0034-8287
Revista Goiana de medicina.Rev Goiana Med0034-9585
Revista guatemalteca de estomatologia.Rev Guatem Estomatol1017-8554
Revista De Ginecologia Y Obstetricia.Rev Gynecol Obstet
Revue de la Haute-Auvergne.Rev Haute Auvergne
Revue d'hematologie.Rev Hematol
Revista de historia.Rev Hist (Arg)
Revista de historia.Rev Hist (Brazil)0034-8309
Revista de historia.Rev Hist (Costa Rica)1012-9790
Revue historique (Paris, France)Rev Hist (Paris)0035-3264
Revista de historia americana y argentina.Rev Hist Am Argent0556-5960
Revue d'histoire de l'Amerique francaise.Rev Hist Am Fr0035-2357
Revue historique des armees.Rev Hist Armees0035-3299
Revue d'histoire de l'art dentaire.Rev Hist Art Dent0556-7300
Revue historique de Bordeaux et du departement de la Gironde.Rev Hist Bordeaux Dep Gironde
Revista de historia canaria.Rev Hist Canaria
Review of historical demography.Rev Hist Demogr0238-1613
Revue d'histoire de la deuxieme guerre mondiale.Rev Hist Deuxieme Guerre Mond0035-2314
Revue d'histoire ecclesiastique.Rev Hist Eccles0035-2381
Revue d'histoire economique et sociale.Rev Hist Econ Soc0035-239X
Revue d'histoire de l'Eglise de France.Rev Hist Eglise Fr0300-9505
Revista de historia Jeronimo Zurita.Rev Hist Jeronimo Zurita
Revue d'histoire litteraire de la France.Rev Hist Litt Fr0035-2411
Revue d'histoire maghrebine.Rev Hist Maghreb0330-8987
Revue d'histoire de la medecine hebraique.Rev Hist Med Heb0035-2330
Revista de historia militar.Rev Hist Mil0482-5748
Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine.Rev Hist Mod Contemp0048-8003
Revista de historia naval / Instituto de Historia y Cultura Naval, Armada Espanola.Rev Hist Naval
Revue d'histoire de la pharmacie.Rev Hist Pharm (Paris)0035-2349
Revue d'histoire et de philosophie religieuses.Rev Hist Philos Relig0035-2403
Revista de historia de la psicologia.Rev Hist Psicol0211-0040
Revue de l'histoire des religions.Rev Hist Relig0035-1423
Revue d'histoire des sciences et de leurs applications.Rev Hist Sci (Paris)0048-7996
Revue d'histoire des sciences.Rev Hist Sci [Paris]0151-4105
Revue d'histoire des textes.Rev Hist Textes0373-6075
Revista do Hospital das Clinicas.Rev Hosp Clin Fac Med Sao Paulo0041-8781
Revista del Hospital del Nino.Rev Hosp Nino (Lima)0301-3790
Revista. 1 _aGuayaquil. _bHospital de Ninos "Alejandro Mann".Rev Hosp Ninos Alejandro Mann
Revue d'hygiene et de medecine sociale.Rev Hyg Med Soc0484-8454
Revue de l'hygiene professionnelle.Rev Hyg Prof
Revista iberica de endocrinologia.Rev Iber Endocrinol0034-9615
Revista iberica de parasitologia.Rev Iber Parasitol0034-9623
Revista iberoamericana de micologia : organo de la Asociacion Espanola de Especialistas en MicologiaRev Iberoam Micol1130-1406
Revista ibero-americana de ortodoncia : publicacion oficial de la Asociacion Ibero-Americana OrtodonRev Iberoam Ortod0212-193X
Revista IBYS.Rev Ibys
Revista de igiena, bacteriologie, virusologie, parazitologie, epidemiologie, pneumoftiziologie. BactRev Ig Bacteriol Virusol Parazitol Epidemiol Pneum0376-4494
Revista de igiena, bacteriologie, virusologie, parazitologie, epidemiologie, pneumoftiziologie. PneuRev Ig Bacteriol Virusol Parazitol Epidemiol Pneum0377-5011
Revista de igiena, medicina muncii, medicina sociala, bacteriologie, virusologie, parazitologie, epiRev Ig Med Muncii Med Soc Bacteriol Virusol Parazi0377-5011
Reviews in immunogenetics.Rev Immunogenet1398-1714
Revue d'immunologie.Rev Immunol (Paris)0035-2454
Revue d'immunologie et de therapie antimicrobienne.Rev Immunol Ther Antimicrob0035-2454
Revista de Indias.Rev Indias0034-8341
Revista de informacao legislativa.Rev Inf Legis0034-835X
Reviews of infectious diseases.Rev Infect Dis0162-0886
Revue de l'infirmiere.Rev Infirm1293-8505
Revue de l'infirmiere et de l'assistante sociale.Rev Infirm Assist Soc0397-7900
La Revue des infirmieres et infirmiers auxiliaires du Quebec.Rev Infirm Infirm Aux Que0316-411X
Revue de l'infirmiere. Informations.Rev Infirm [Inf]0397-7897
Revista de informacion medico-terapeutica.Rev Inform Med Ter
Revista do Instituto Adolfo Lutz.Rev Inst Adolfo Lutz0073-9855
Revista do Instituto de Antibioticos, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.Rev Inst Antibiot (Recife)0080-0228
Revista de instituciones europeas.Rev Inst Eur0210-0924
Revista do Instituto Historico e Geographico Brazileiro (1906)Rev Inst Hist Geogr Bras0101-4366
Revue de l'Institut d'hygiene des mines.Rev Inst Hyg Mines (Hasselt)0301-3901
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo.Rev Inst Med Trop Sao Paulo0036-4665
Revista del Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia.Rev Inst Nac Cancerol (Mex)0076-7131
Revue de l'Institut Napoleon (Paris, France : 1954)Rev Inst Napoleon0395-921X
Revista del Instituto de Salubridad y Enfermedades Tropicales.Rev Inst Salubr Enferm Trop0370-5781
Revue de l'Institut de sociologie.Rev Inst Sociol0020-2215
Review (International Commission of Jurists (1952- )Rev Int Comm Jurists0020-6393
Revue internationale de criminologie et de police technique.Rev Int Criminol Police Tech0035-3329
Revue internationale d'hepatologie.Rev Int Hepatol
Revue internationale d'histoire militaire.Rev Int Hist Mil0254-8186
Revue internationale d'histoire de la psychanalyse.Rev Int Hist Psychanal0987-7878
Revue internationale d'histoire de la psychiatrie.Rev Int Hist Psychiatr0761-6023
Revue internationale de pediatrie.Rev Int Pediatr0048-8135
Revue internationale de philosophie.Rev Int Philos0048-8143
Revue international des services de sante des armees de terre, de mer et de l'air.Rev Int Serv Sante Armees0035-3469
Revue internationale des services de sante des forces armees : organe du Comite international de medRev Int Serv Sante Forces Armees0259-8582
Revista internacional de sociologia / Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Seccion de SoRev Int Sociol0034-9712
Revue internationale du trachome. International review of trachoma.Rev Int Trach0301-5017
Revue internationale du trachome et de pathologie oculaire tropicale et subtropicale : organe de laRev Int Trach Pathol Ocul Trop Subtrop0249-7026
Revue internationale du trachome et de pathologie oculaire tropicale et subtropicale et de sante pubRev Int Trach Pathol Ocul Trop Subtrop Sante Publi0246-0831
Revista interamericana de planificacion.Rev Interam Planif0185-1861
Revista interamericana de radiologia.Rev Interam Radiol0034-9704
Revista de investigacion.Rev Invest (Guadalajara)0556-6037
Revista de investigacion clinica; organo del Hospital de Enfermedades de la Nutricion.Rev Invest Clin0034-8376
Revista de investigacion en salud publica.Rev Invest Salud Publica0034-8384
Islenha.Rev Islenha
Revista de istorie.Rev Istor0251-3099
Revista juridica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.Rev Jurid Univ P R0886-2516
Revista Kuba de medicina tropical y parasitologia.Rev Kuba Med Trop Parasitol
Revue des langues romanes.Rev Lang Rom0223-3711
Revue de laryngologie - otologie - rhinologie.Rev Laryngol Otol Rhinol (Bord)0035-1334
Revista latino-americana de enfermagem.Rev Lat Am Enfermagem0104-1169
Revista latinoamericana de anatomia patologica.Rev Latinoam Anat Patol0034-9763
Revista latinoamericana de cirugia plastica.Rev Latinoam Cir Plast0034-9755
Revista latinoamericana de microbiologia.Rev Latinoam Microbiol0187-4640
Revista latinoamericana de microbiologia y parasitologia.Rev Latinoam Microbiol Parasitol (Mex)0370-5986
Revista latinoamericana de patologia.Rev Latinoam Patol0300-9068
Revista latinoamericana de perinatologia : organo oficial de la Federacion Latinoamericana de AsociaRev Latinoam Perinatol1011-419X
Revista latinoamericana de psicologia.Rev Latinoam Psicol0120-0534
Review of law and social change. New York University.Rev Law Soc Change0048-7481
La Revue du Louvre et des musees de France.Rev Louvre Mus Fr0035-2608
La Revue lyonnaise de medecine.Rev Lyon Med0556-798X
Revue des maladies respiratoires.Rev Mal Respir0761-8425
Revista de marina (Valparaiso, Chile)Rev Mar0034-8511
Revista medica (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social)Rev Med (Mex)0187-0491
La Revue de medecine.Rev Med (Paris)0987-7835
Revista medica da aeronautica.Rev Med Aeron
Revista medica da aeronautica do Brasil.Rev Med Aeron Braz0370-6141
Revue de medecine aeronautique.Rev Med Aeronaut0755-3692
Revue medicale des alpes francaises.Rev Med Alpes Fr0374-2245
Revue medicale de Bruxelles.Rev Med Brux0035-3639
Revista medica de Chile.Rev Med Chil0034-9887
Revue medico-chirurgicale des maladies du foie.Rev Med Chir Mal Foie
Revista medico-chirurgicala a Societatii de Medici si Naturalisti din Iasi.Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi0300-8738
Revista de medicina y ciencias afines.Rev Med Cienc Afines
Revista medica de Cordoba.Rev Med Cordoba0370-6125
Revista medica de Costa Rica.Rev Med Costa Rica0034-9909
Revista medica cubana.Rev Med Cubana
Revista medica hondurena.Rev Med Hondur0375-1112
Revista medica del Hospital Central del Empleado.Rev Med Hosp Cent Empl
Revista medica del Hospital General.Rev Med Hosp Gen (Mex)0034-9925
Revista medica del Hospital Obrero.Rev Med Hosp Obrero
Revue de medecine et d'hygiene d'Outre-Mer.Rev Med Hyg Outre Mer
Revista medica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.Rev Med Inst Mex Seguro Soc0443-5117
Revue medicale internationale de photo, cinema, television. International journal of medical photogrRev Med Int Photo Cinema Telev
Revista de medicina interna, neurologe, psihiatrie, neurochirurgie, dermato-venerologie. Medicina inRev Med Interna Neurol Psihiatr Neurochir Dermatov1220-0905
Revista de medicina interna, neurologie, psihiatrie, neurochirurgie, dermato-venerologie. NeurologieRev Med Interna Neurol Psihiatr Neurochir Dermatov0377-497X
La Revue de medecine interne / fondee ... par la Societe nationale francaise de medecine interne.Rev Med Interne0248-8663
Revista medica del IPSS / Instituto Peruano de Seguridad Social.Rev Med IPSS1022-0240
Revue medicale de Liege.Rev Med Liege0370-629X
Revue medicale de Louvain.Rev Med Louvain0370-6303
Revista de medicina militar.Rev Med Mil
Revue medicale miniere.Rev Med Miniere
Revista medica de Mocambique.Rev Med Moamb0254-5705
Revue medicale du Moyen-Orient.Rev Med Moyen Orient0370-632X
Revue medicale de Nancy.Rev Med Nancy
Les Revues medicales normandes.Rev Med Normandes0035-4376
Revista medica de Panama.Rev Med Panama0379-1629
Revista medica peruana.Rev Med Peru
La Revue medicale de Picardie.Rev Med Picardie0301-116X
Revue de medecine psychosomatique (1985)Rev Med Psychosom0298-3850
Revue de medecine psychosomatique et de psychologie medicale.Rev Med Psychosom Psychol Med0397-930X
Revue medicale suisse.Rev Med Suisse1660-9379
Revue medicale de la Suisse romande.Rev Med Suisse Romande0035-3655
Revue de medecine de Toulouse.Rev Med Toulouse0556-753X
Revue de medecine de Tours.Rev Med Tours0557-7721
Revista de medicina de la Universidad de Navarra.Rev Med Univ Navarra0556-6177
Revista medica de Valparaiso.Rev Med Valparaiso0034-9917
Revista de medicina veterinaria.Rev Med Vet (B Aires)0325-6391
Revue de medecine veterinaire.Rev Med Vet (Toulouse)0035-1555
Reviews in medical virology.Rev Med Virol1052-9276
Revista medica del Hospital Espanol.Rev Medica Hosp Esp
Revista medica do sul de Minas.Rev Medica Minas
Revue mediterraneenne des sciences medicales.Rev Mediterr Sci Med0397-1724
The Review of metaphysics.Rev Metaphys0034-6632
Revue de metaphysique et de morale (Paris, France : 1945)Rev Metaphys Morale0035-1571
Revista mexicana de analisis de la conducta = Mexican journal of behavior analysis.Rev Mex Anal Conducta
Revista mexicana de ciencias politicas y sociales.Rev Mex Cienc Polit Soc0185-1918
Revista mexicana de cirugia, ginecologia y cancer.Rev Mex Cir Ginecol Cancer0034-9984
Revista mexicana de sociologia.Rev Mex Sociol0188-2503
Revista mexicana de urologia.Rev Mex Urol0035-0001
Revista del Museo Nacional. Museo Nacional (Peru)Rev Mus Nac0304-2367
Revista del Museo de la Facultad de Odontologia de Buenos Aires.Rev Museo Fac Odontol B Aires0327-2745
Revista de neurologia.Rev Neurol0210-0010
Revue neurologique.Rev Neurol (Paris)0035-3787
Revista de neuro-psiquiatria.Rev Neuropsiquiatr0034-8597
Revue de neuropsychiatrie infantile et d'hygiene mentale de l'enfance.Rev Neuropsychiatr Infant0035-1628
Reviews in the neurosciences.Rev Neurosci0334-1763
Revue du Nord.Rev Nord0035-2624
Revue nouvelle (Brussels, Belgium)Rev Nouv
Revue numismatique.Rev Numis0484-8942
Revista de obstetricia y ginecologia de Venezuela.Rev Obstet Ginecol Venez0048-7732
Revue de l'Occident musulman et de la Mediterranee.Rev Occident Musulman Mediterr0035-1474
Revista de occidente (Madrid, Spain : 1923)Rev Occidente0034-8635
Reviews of oculomotor research.Rev Oculomot Res0168-8375
Revista odonto-estomatologica.Rev Odontoestomatol0048-7856
Revue odonto-implantologique.Rev Odontoimplantol0035-3817
Revista Odontologica; Facultad De Odontologia, Universidad Nacional De Cordoba.Rev Odontol (Cordoba)0035-0257
Revista Odontologica.Rev Odontol (La Paz)
Revista odontologica.Rev Odontol Circ Odontol Parag0080-2409
Revista odontologica de Concepcion.Rev Odontol Concepcion0035-0265
Revista odontologica de Costa Rica.Rev Odontol Costa Rica
Revista odontologica ecuatoriana.Rev Odontol Ecuat0484-8020
Revista odontologica de Puerto Rico.Rev Odontol P R
Revista odontologica de Puerto Rico.Rev Odontol P R (Santurce)
Revista odontologica do Parana.Rev Odontol Parana
Revista De Odontologia Da Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina.Rev Odontol St Catarina
Revista de odontologia da UNESP / Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP).Rev Odontol UNESP0101-1774
Revista de odontologia da UNICID.Rev Odontol UNICID0104-4850
Revista de odontologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo / USP.Rev Odontol Univ Sao Paulo0103-0663
Revue d'odonto-stomatologie.Rev Odontostomatol
Revue d'odonto-stomatologie.Rev Odontostomatol (Paris)0300-9815
Revue d'odonto-stomatologie du midi de la France.Rev Odontostomatol Midi Fr0035-2470
Revue odonto stomatologique du Nord-Est.Rev Odontostomatol Nordest0398-7760
Revista de la OIM sobre migraciones en America Latina / Organizacion Internacional para las MigracioRev OIM Sobre Migr Am Lat1022-3045
Revista (Ordem dos Medicos (Portugal))Rev Ordem Med
Revue d'orthopedie et de chirurgie de l'appareil moteur.Rev Orthop Chir Appar Mot
Revue d'orthopedie dento-faciale.Rev Orthop Dento Faciale0337-9736
Revista de ortopedia y traumatologia. Edicion latino americana.Rev Ortop Traumatol Ed Lat Am
Revista oto-neuro-oftalmologica y cirugia neurologica sudamericana.Rev Oto Neuro Oftalmol Cir Neurol Sud Am0375-1228
Revue d'oto-neuro-ophtalmologie.Rev Otoneuroophtalmol0035-2497
Revista de otorrinolaringologia.Rev Otorrinolaringol0034-8643
Review of palaeobotany and palynology.Rev Palaeobot Palynol0034-6667
Revue. Palais de la decouverte (Paris, France)Rev Palais Decouv0339-7521
Revue du paludisme et de medecine tropicale.Rev Palud Med Trop
Revista panamericana de salud publica = Pan American journal of public health.Rev Panam Salud Publica1020-4989
Revue de pathologie comparee.Rev Pathol Comp0035-1636
Revue de pathologie generale et de physiologie clinique.Rev Pathol Gen Physiol Clin
Review (Patient Focused Care Association)Rev Patient Focus Care Assoc1063-1356
Revue de Pau et du Bearn.Rev Pau Bearn0241-7413
Revista Paulista De Endodontia.Rev Paul Endodontia0100-7106
Revista paulista de enfermagem.Rev Paul Enferm0100-8889
Revista paulista de hospitais.Rev Paul Hosp0048-7864
Revista paulista de medicina.Rev Paul Med0035-0362
Revista paulista de odontologia.Rev Paul Odontol0100-705X
La Revue de pediatrie.Rev Pediatr0035-1644
Revista de pediatrie, obstetrica si ginecologie. Obstetrica si ginecologie.Rev Pediatr Obstet Ginecol Obstet Ginecol1220-0913
Revista de pediatrie, obstetrica si ginecologie. Pediatria.Rev Pediatr Obstet Ginecol Pediatr0303-8416
Revista pernambucana de odontologia.Rev Pernambucana Odontol0301-4991
Revista peruana de pediatria.Rev Peru Pediatr
Revista peruana de poblacion.Rev Peru Poblac
Revue de philologie, de litterature et d'histoire anciennes.Rev Philol Litt Hist Anc0035-1652
Revue philosophique de Louvain.Rev Philos Louv0035-3841
Reviews of physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology.Rev Physiol Biochem Pharmacol0303-4240
Revista de planeacion y desarrollo.Rev Planeac Desarro0034-8686
Revue de pneumologie clinique.Rev Pneumol Clin0761-8417
The review of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Polska Akademia Nauk.Rev Pol Acad Sci0032-2776
The Review of politics.Rev Polit0034-6705
Revista portuguesa de cardiologia : orgao oficial da Sociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologia = PortuguesRev Port Cardiol0870-2551
Revista portuguesa de cirurgia cardio-toracica e vascular : orgao oficial da Sociedade Portuguesa deRev Port Cir Cardiotorac Vasc0873-7215
Revista portuguesa de estomatologia e cirurgia maxilo-facial.Rev Port Estomatol Cir Maxilofac0035-0397
Revista portuguesa de farmacia.Rev Port Farm0484-811X
Revista portuguesa de historia.Rev Port Hist0253-1658
Revista portuguesa de medicina militar.Rev Port Med Mil0482-7171
Revista portuguesa de pediatria.Rev Port Pediatr0301-147X
Revista portuguesa de pediatria e puericultura.Rev Port Pediatr Pueric0048-7880
Revista portuguesa de pneumologia.Rev Port Pneumol0873-2159
La Revue du praticien.Rev Prat0035-2640
Revista de psicoanalisis.Rev Psicoanal0034-8740
Revista de psiquiatria y psicologia medica de Europa y America latinas.Rev Psiquiatr Psicol Med Eur Am Lat0482-6019
Revue de psychologie appliquee.Rev Psychol Appl0035-1709
Revista de publicaciones navales; suplemento de Sanidad naval.Rev Publ Nav
Review of public data use.Rev Public Data Use0092-2846
Reviews in pure & applied pharmacological sciences.Rev Pure Appl Pharmacol Sci0197-2839
Revue des questions scientifiques.Rev Quest Sci0035-2160
Revista de quimica e farmacia.Rev Quim Farm
Revista quirurgica espanola : RQE.Rev Quir Esp0210-2196
The Review of radical political economics.Rev Radic Polit Econ0486-6134
Revista Regional de Aracatuba, Associacao Paulista de Cirurgioes Dentistas.Rev Reg Aracatuba Assoc Paul Cir Dent0101-8140
The Review of regional studies.Rev Reg Stud0048-749X
Review for religious.Rev Relig0034-639X
Review of religious research.Rev Relig Res0034-673X
Reviews of reproduction.Rev Reprod1359-6004
Revista/review interamericana.Rev Rev Interam0360-7917
Revue du rhumatisme.Rev Rhum0301-8474
Revue du rhumatisme (Ed. francaise : 1993)Rev Rhum Ed Fr1169-8330
Revue du rhumatisme (English ed.)Rev Rhum Engl Ed1169-8446
Revue du rhumatisme et des maladies osteo-articulaires.Rev Rhum Mal Osteoartic0035-2659
Revista "Roche.".Rev Roche
Revista romana de bioetica.Rev Rom Bioet1583-5170
Revista romana de statistica : organ al Comisiei Nationale pentru Statistica.Rev Rom Stat1018-046X
Revue du Rouergue.Rev Rouergue
Revue roumaine d'endocrinologie.Rev Roum Endocrinol0035-4015
Revue roumaine d'histoire.Rev Roum Hist0556-8072
Revue roumaine d'inframicrobiologie.Rev Roum Inframicrobiol0035-4082
Revue roumaine de medecine.Rev Roum Med0303-822X
Revue roumaine de medecine interne.Rev Roum Med Intern0035-3973
Revue roumaine de morphologie et d'embryologie.Rev Roum Morphol Embryol0377-4945
Revue roumaine de morphologie et de physiologie.Rev Roum Morphol Physiol0377-4953
Revue roumaine de neurologie.Rev Roum Neurol0035-3981
Revue roumaine de neurologie et de psychiatrie.Rev Roum Neurol Psychiatr0301-7303
Revue roumaine de physiologie.Rev Roum Physiol0035-399X
Revue roumaine de physiologie (Bucharest, Romania : 1990)Rev Roum Physiol0035-399X
Revue roumaine de virologie (Bucharest, Romania : 1990)Rev Roum Virol1018-0532
Revue roumaine de virologie.Rev Roum Virol0300-158X
Revue de la Saintonge et de l'Aunis.Rev Saintonge Aunis
Revista de salud publica (Bogota, Colombia)Rev Salud Publica (Bogota)0124-0064
Revista de sanidad y asistencia social.Rev Sanid Asist Soc
Revista de sanidad e higiene publica.Rev Sanid Hig Publica (Madr)0034-8899
Revista de la sanidad militar del Peru.Rev Sanid Mil Peru
Revista de sanidad militar.Rev Sanid Milit0301-696X
Revista de la sanidad militar argentina.Rev Sanid Milit Argent0048-7716
Revista de la sanidad de policia.Rev Sanid Polic
Revista de saude publica.Rev Saude Publica0034-8910
Revue des sciences de l'education.Rev Sci Edu0318-479X
Revue des sciences humaines.Rev Sci Hum0035-2195
The Review of scientific instruments.Rev Sci Instrum0034-6748
Revue des sciences medicales.Rev Sci Med
Revue des sciences morales & politiques : travaux de l'Academie des sciences morales et politiques.Rev Sci Morales Polit0751-5804
Revue des sciences philosophiques et theologiques.Rev Sci Philos Theol0035-2209
Revue des sciences sociales de la France de l'Est.Rev Sci Soc Fr Est0336-1578
Revue scientifique et technique (International Office of Epizootics)Rev Sci Tech0253-1933
Revue science et technique. Serie Sciences humaines / Delegation generale a la recherche scientifiquRev Sci Tech Ser Sci Hum0253-7451
Revista. 1 _aChile. _bServicio Nacional de Salud.Rev Serv Nac Salud
Revista do Servico Nacional de Tuberculose.Rev Serv Nac Tubers0520-8734
Revue du SESDA.Rev SESDA0379-8232
Revista de la Sociedad Argentina de Biologia.Rev Soc Argent Biol0037-8380
Revue de la Societe de biometrie humaine.Rev Soc Biom Hum0006-3428
Revista de la Sociedad Bolivariana de Venezuela. Sociedad Bolivariana de Venezuela.Rev Soc Bolivar Venez0798-0019
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Historia da Ciencia.Rev Soc Bras Hist Cienc
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical.Rev Soc Bras Med Trop0037-8682
Revista de la Sociedad Colombiana de Endocrinologia.Rev Soc Colomb Endocrinol0120-1182
Revista. 2 _aSociedad Colombiana de Ortodoncia.Rev Soc Colomb Ortod
Revista de la Sociedad Colombiana de Pediatria y Puericultura.Rev Soc Colomb Pediatr Pueric
Review of social economy.Rev Soc Econ0034-6764
Revue de la Societe francaise d'histoire de l'art dentaire.Rev Soc Fr Hist Art Dent0556-7300
Revue de la Societe francaise d'histoire des hopitaux.Rev Soc Fr Hist Hop1255-250X
Revista De La Sociedad De Ginecologia Y Obstetricia.Rev Soc Ginecol Obstet
Revista de la Sociedad Mexicana de Historia Natural.Rev Soc Mex Hist Nat0370-7415
Revista de la Sociedad Odontologica de La Plata.Rev Soc Odontol La Plata
Revista de la Sociedad Peruana de Endocrinologia.Rev Soc Peru Endocrinol0583-7677
Review of social policy.Rev Soc Policy0918-788X
Revue des societes savantes de Haute-Normandie.Rev Soc Savantes Haute Normandie0035-2241
Revista de la Sociedad Venezolana de Historia de la Medicina.Rev Soc Venez Hist Med0560-4567
Review of socialist law.Rev Social Law0165-0300
Revija za sociologiju.Rev Sociol0350-154X
Revista De Statistica.Rev Stat0556-6398
Revue de statistique appliquee.Rev Stat Appl0035-175X
Revista stiintelor medicale: medicina interna.Rev Stiint Med
Revue de stomatologie et de chirurgie maxillo-faciale.Rev Stomatol Chir Maxillofac0035-1768
La Revue stomato-odontologique du nord de la France.Rev Stomatoodontol Nord Fr0035-4147
Revue suisse de zoologie; annales de la Societe zoologique suisse et du Museum d'histoire naturelleRev Suisse Zool0035-418X
Review of surgery.Rev Surg0034-6780
Revue de synthese / Centre international de synthese.Rev Synth0035-1776
Revue du Tarn.Rev Tarn
Revue des travaux de l'Academie des sciences morales et politiques et comptes rendus de ses seances.Rev Trav Acad Sci Morales Polit C R Seances0400-3373
Revue de la tuberculose.Rev Tuberc
Revue de tuberculose et de pneumologie.Rev Tuberc Pneumol (Paris)0035-1792
Revista de tuberculosis del Uruguay.Rev Tuberc Urug
Revue tunisienne des etudes de population.Rev Tunis Etud Popul
Revue tunisienne de geographie.Rev Tunis Geogr
Revue tunisienne de sciences sociales.Rev Tunis Sci Soc0035-4333
Revista universitaria.Rev Univ
Revue de l'Universite de Bruxelles.Rev Univ Brux0378-4606
Revista de la Universidad Nacional de Cordoba. Universidad Nacional de Cordoba.Rev Univ Nac Cordoba0370-7687
Revue de l'Universite d'Ottawa. University of Ottawa.Rev Univ Ottawa0041-9206
Revista de urologia.Rev Urol(mexico)
Revista uruguaya de psicoanalisis.Rev Urug Psicoanal
Revista venezolana de sanidad y asistencia social.Rev Venez Sanid Asist Soc0035-0583
Revista venezolana de urologia.Rev Venez Urol0035-0591
Revista de Viernes Medico.Rev Viernes Med0504-2372
Revue du Vivarais.Rev Vivarais
Revisiones sobre biologia celular : RBC.Revis Biol Celular0213-7119
Revised statutes : Under arrangement of the official Louisiana revised statutes of 1950. Louisiana.Revis Statut La
Revmatologiia (Moscow, Russia)Revmatologiia (Mosk)0233-7029
Revolution (Oakland, Calif.)Revolution1059-0927
Revolution (Staten Island, N.Y.)Revolution1059-0927
La Revue de geriatrie.Revue Geriatr0397-7927
Revue de stomatologie.Revue Stomatol
RF illustrated.RF Illus0090-9599
Rheinisches Museum fur Philologie.Rhein Mus Philol0035-449X
Rheinische Vierteljahrsblatter.Rhein Vierteljahrsbl0035-4473
Rheinische Lebensbilder.Rheinische Lebensbilder0080-2670
Rheinisches Arzteblatt.Rheinisches Arztebl0035-4481
Rheumatic diseases clinics of North America.Rheum Dis Clin North Am0889-857X
Rheumatologia, balneologia, allergologia.Rheumatol Balneol Allergol0035-4554
Rheumatology international.Rheumatol Int0172-8172
Rheumatology and physical medicine.Rheumatol Phys Med0003-4908
Rheumatology and rehabilitation.Rheumatol Rehabil0300-3396
Rheumatology (Oxford, England)Rheumatology (Oxford)1462-0324
Rhinology. Supplement.Rhinol Suppl1013-0047
The Rhodesian nurse.Rhod Nurse
The Rhodesia nurse.Rhod Nurse0250-4898
La Ricerca in clinica e in laboratorio.Ric Clin Lab0390-5748
La Ricerca scientifica.Ric Sci0035-5011
La Ricerca scientifica. 2. ser., pt.1: Rivista.Ric Sci 2 Ser Pt 1 Riv0556-9672
La Ricerca scientifica. 2. ser., pt. 2: Rendiconti. Sezione B: Biologica.Ric Sci 2 Ser Pt 2 Rend [B]0556-9699
Richmond County history.Richmond Cty Hist0035-5119
La Riforma medica.Riforma Med0035-5259
Rinascimento (Florence, Italy)Rinascimento0080-3073
Rinsho Biseibutsu Jinsoku Shindan Kenkyukai shi = JARMAM : Journal of the Association for Rapid MethRinsho Biseibutshu Jinsoku Shindan Kenkyukai Shi0915-1753
Rinsho byori. The Japanese journal of clinical pathology.Rinsho Byori0047-1860
[Rinsho eiyo] [Clinical nutrition].Rinsho Eiyo0485-1412
[Rinsho fujinka sanka] Clinical gynecology and obstetrics.Rinsho Fujinka Sanka0386-9865
Rinsho ganka. Japanese journal of clinical ophthalmology.Rinsho Ganka0370-5579
Rinsho geka. Journal of clinical surgery.Rinsho Geka0386-9857
Rinsho hoshasen. Clinical radiography.Rinsho Hoshasen0009-9252
[Rinsho ketsueki] The Japanese journal of clinical hematology.Rinsho Ketsueki0485-1439
Rinsho kyobu geka = Japanese annals of thoracic surgery.Rinsho Kyobu Geka0389-7893
Rinsho naika shonika. Internal medicine and pediatrics.Rinsho Naika Shonika Intern Med
[Rinsho shika] [Clinical dentistry].Rinsho Shika0035-5488
Rinsho shinkeigaku = Clinical neurology.Rinsho Shinkeigaku0009-918X
Rinsho Shishubyo Danwakai kaishi.Rinsho Shishubyo Danwakai Kaishi
[Rinsho shokakibyogaku] Clinical gastro-enterology.Rinsho Shokakibyogaku
Ripon forum.Ripon Forum0035-5526
Risk (Concord, NH)Risk1073-8673
Risk analysis : an official publication of the Society for Risk Analysis.Risk Anal0272-4332
Risk, issues in health & safety.Risk Issues Health Saf1047-0484
Risk management in Canadian health care.Risk Manag Can Health Care1488-0555
Risk management (New York, N.Y.)Risk Manage0035-5593
Riso report.RISO Rep0418-6443
Rittenhouse : journal of the American scientific instrument enterprise.Rittenhouse
Rivista di anatomia patologica e di oncologia.Riv Anat Patol Oncol0048-8364
Rivista di biologia.Riv Biol0035-6050
Rivista di chirurgia e medicina.Riv Chir Med
Rivista di chirurgia pediatrica.Riv Chir Pediatr0035-6069
Rivista di clinica pediatrica.Riv Clin Pediatr0035-6077
Rivista critica di clinica medica.Riv Crit Clin Med0048-833X
Rivista critica di storia della filosofia.Riv Crit Stor Filos0035-581X
Rivista di emoterapia ed immunoematologia.Riv Emoter Immunoematol0035-6204
Rivista di estetica.Riv Estet0035-6212
Rivista europea per le scienze mediche e farmacologiche = European review for medical and pharmacoloRiv Eur Sci Med Farmacol0392-291X
Rivista di filologia e d'istruzione classica.Riv Filol Istruz Classica
Rivista di filosofia.Riv Filos0035-6239
Rivista di gastro-enterologia.Riv Gastroenterol0035-6255
Rivista geografica italiana.Riv Geogr Ital0035-6697
Rivista dell'infermiere.Riv Inferm1120-3803
Rivista degli infortuni e delle malattie professionali.Riv Infort Mal Prof0035-5836
Rivista internazionale di psicologia e ipnosi.Riv Int Psicol Ipn0035-6743
Rivista internazionale di scienze sociali.Riv Int Sci Sociali0035-676X
Rivista dell'Istituto sieroterapico italiano.Riv Ist Sieroter Ital0300-9904
Rivista dell'Istituto vaccinogeno e dei consorzi provinciali antitubercolari.Riv Ist Vaccinogeno Consorzi Prov Antituberc0021-2598
Rivista di istochimica, normale e patologica.Riv Istochim Norm Patol0485-2400
Rivista italiana di economia, demografia e statistica.Riv Ital Econ Demogr Stat0035-6832
Rivista italiana di ginecologia.Riv Ital Ginecol0035-6840
Rivista italiana d'igiene.Riv Ital Ig0035-6921
Rivista italiana di medicina legale : dottrina, casistica, ricerca sperimentale, giurisprudenza e leRiv Ital Med Leg
Rivista italiana di odontoiatria infantile : organo ufficiale della Societa italiana di odontoiatriaRiv Ital Odontoiatr Infant1120-8716
Rivista italiana degli odontotecnici.Riv Ital Odontotec0391-5611
Rivista italiana di pediatria = The Italian journal of pediatrics.Riv Ital Pediatr1720-8424
Rivista italiana di stomatologia.Riv Ital Stomatol0035-6905
Rivista italiana del tracoma e di patologia oculare esotica.Riv Ital Trac Patol Ocul Esotica
Rivista di malariologia.Riv Malariol0370-565X
Rivista marittima.Riv Maritt0035-6964
Rivista di medicina aeronautica.Riv Med Aeronaut0301-6757
Rivista di medicina aeronautica e spaziale.Riv Med Aeronaut Spaz0035-631X
Rivista di meteorologia aeronautica.Riv Meteorol Aeronaut0035-6328
Rivista militare.Riv Mil0035-6980
Rivista di neurobiologia.Riv Neurobiol0035-6336
Rivista di neurologia.Riv Neurol0035-6344
Rivista di odontoiatria degli Amici di Brugg.Riv Odontoiatr Amici Brugg0393-4780
Rivista di odontostomatologia e implantoprotesi.Riv Odontostomatol Implantoprotesi
Rivista di ostetricia e ginecologia.Riv Ostet Ginecol0394-977X
Rivista d'ostetricia e ginecologia pratica.Riv Ostet Ginecol Prat0370-6591
Rivista di ostetricia ginecologia pratica e medicina perinatale.Riv Ostet Ginecol Prat Med Perinat0391-0970
Rivista oto-neuro-oftalmologica.Riv Otoneurooftalmol0048-8410
Rivista di parassitologia.Riv Parassitol0035-6387
Rivista di patologia e clinica.Riv Patol Clin0035-6417
Rivista di patologia clinica e sperimentale.Riv Patol Clin Sper0035-6409
Rivista di patologia nervosa e mentale.Riv Patol Nerv Ment0035-6433
Rivista pediatrica siciliana.Riv Pediatr Sicil0035-7014
Rivista di psicoanalisi.Riv Psicoanal0035-6492
Rivista di psicologia.Riv Psicol0035-6506
Rivista di psicologia della scrittura.Riv Psicol Scr0485-2419
Rivista di psicologia sociale e Archivio italiano di psicologia generale e del lavoro.Riv Psicol Soc Arch Ital Psicol Gen
Rivista di radiologia.Riv Radiol
Rivista rosminiana di filosofia e di cultura.Riv Rosmin Filos Cult0035-7030
Rivista siciliana della tubercolosi.Riv Sicil Tuberc0035-7049
Rivista sperimentale di freniatria e medicina legale delle alienazioni mentali.Riv Sper Freniatr Med Leg Alien Ment0370-7261
Rivista storica calabrese.Riv Stor Calabr
Rivista di storia della chiesa in Italia.Riv Stor Chiesa Ital0035-6557
Rivista di storia della filosofia (Milan, Italy : 1984)Riv Stor Filos0393-2516
Rivista storica italiana.Riv Stor Ital0035-7073
Rivista di storia della medicina.Riv Stor Med0035-6565
Rivista di storia della scienza.Riv Stor Sci1122-0228
Rivista di storia delle scienze mediche e naturali.Riv Stor Sci Mediche Nat
Rivista di studi classici.Riv Studi Class0035-6581
Rivista degli studi orientali.Riv Studi Orient0392-4866
Rivista della tubercolosi e delle malattie dell'apparato respiratorio.Riv Tuberc Mal Appar Respir0483-1454
RN (For managers)RN (For Managers)0885-8667
RN Idaho.RN Ida0192-298X
RNA (New York, N.Y.)RNA1355-8382
RNABC news.RNABC News0048-7104
RNAO news.RNAO News0048-7112
Robotics and autonomous systems.Rob Auton Syst0921-8890
Rochester history.Rochester Hist0035-7413
Rocky Mountain medical journal.Rocky Mt Med J0035-760X
The Rocky Mountain social science journal.Rocky Mt Soc Sci J0035-7634
Roczniki Akademii Medycznej w Bialymstoku = Annales Academiae Medicae Bialostocensis.Rocz Akad Med Bialymst0067-6489
Roczniki Akademii Medycznej w Bialymstoku (1995)Rocz Akad Med Bialymst
Roczniki Akademii Medycznej w Bialymstoku. Suplement = Annales Academiae Medicae Bialostocensis. SupRocz Akad Med Bialymst Supl
Roczniki Akademii Medycznej im. Juliana Marchlewskiego w Bialymstoku.Rocz Akad Med Im Juliana Marchlewskiego Bialymst0067-6489
Roczniki Akademii Medycznej im. Juliana Marchlewskiego w Bialymstoku. Suplement.Rocz Akad Med Im Juliana Marchlewskiego Bialymst S0523-1507
Roczniki filozoficzne. Annales de philosophie.Rocz Filoz0035-7685
Roczniki humanistyczne.Rocz Humanist0035-7707
Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny.Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig0035-7715
Rocznik Pomorskiej Akademii Medycznej im. Gen. Karola Swierczewskiego w Szczecinie.Rocz Pomor Akad Med0066-1945
Rodo kagaku. The Journal of science of labour.Rodo Kagaku0022-443X
RoFo : Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Rontgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin.Rofo1438-9029
Rogerian nursing science news : newsletter of the Society of Rogerian Scholars.Rogerian Nurs Sci News1050-9089
Rolling stone (San Francisco, Calif.)Roll Stone0035-791X
Romische historische Mitteilungen.Rom Hist Mitt0080-3790
Romanian journal of endocrinology / sponsore [sic] by the Academy of Medical Sciences.Rom J Endocrinol1221-356X
Romanian journal of gastroenterology.Rom J Gastroenterol1221-4167
Romanian journal of gerontology and geriatrics / the National Institute of Gerontology and GeriatricRom J Gerontol Geriatr0254-2307
Romanian journal of internal medicine = Revue roumaine de medecine interne.Rom J Intern Med1220-4749
Romanian journal of morphology and embryology = Revue roumaine de morphologie et embryologie.Rom J Morphol Embryol1220-0522
Romanian journal of neurology and psychiatry = Revue roumaine de neurologie et psychiatrie.Rom J Neurol Psychiatry1017-5644
Romanian journal of physiology : physiological sciences / [Academia de Stiinte Medicale].Rom J Physiol1223-4974
Romanian journal of virology.Rom J Virol
Romanian medical review.Rom Med Rev0048-8585
Romance notes.Roman Notes0035-7995
Ronenbyo. [Geriatrics].Ronenbyo0216-0951
Rontgen- und Laboratoriumspraxis.Rontgen Laborator
Rontgen-Blatter; Zeitschrift fur Rontgen-Technik und medizinisch-wissenschaftliche Photographie.Rontgenblatter0300-8592
Rontgendiagnostik; Ergebnisse.Rontgendiagnostik Ergeb
Roentgen-Europ; radiodiagnostic clinique europeen.Rontgeneur Radiodiagn Clin Eur
Rontgenpraxis; Zeitschrift fur radiologische Technik.Rontgenpraxis0035-7820
Rooilijn (Amsterdam)Rooilijn1380-2860
Rossiiskii fiziologicheskii zhurnal imeni I.M. Sechenova / Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk.Ross Fiziol Zh Im I M Sechenova0869-8139
Rossiiskii gastroenterologicheskii zhurnal : ezhekvartalnyi nauchno-prakticheskii zhurnal.Ross Gastroenterol Zh1560-408X
Rossiiskii meditsinskii zhurnal : organ Ministerstva zdravookhraneniia RSFSR.Ross Med Zh0869-2106
The Rostrum.Rostrum
Roumanian archives of microbiology and immunology.Roum Arch Microbiol Immunol1222-3891
The Round table.Round Table0035-8533
Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske chirurgicke spolecnosti.Rozhl Chir0035-9351
Rozhledy v tuberkulose.Rozhl Tuberk
Rozprawy Wydzialu Nauk Medycznych.Rozpr Wydz Nauk Med0079-3558
Ruch prawniczy, ekonomiczny i socjologiczny (1962)Ruch Praw Ekon Socjol0035-9629
Rudolstadter Heimathefte.Rudolstaedter Heimath0485-5884
Rumanian medical review.Rum Med Rev
Rumah Tangga Dan Kesehatan.Rumah Tangga Kesehatan0485-6015
Ruperto-Carola.Ruperto Carola
Rural Africana.Rural Afr0085-5839
Rural conditions and trends.Rural Cond Trends1063-5866
Rural demography.Rural Demogr1010-3783
Rural policy brief / RUPRI Rural Health Panel.Rural Policy Brief
Rural reconstruction forum.Rural Reconstr Forum0116-8177
Rural and remote health [electronic resource].Rural Remote Health
Rural sociology.Rural Sociol0036-0112
Review of urban and regional development studies : RURDS : journal of the Applied Regional ConferencRURDS Rev Urb Reg Dev Stud0917-0553
Russ Coile's health trends.Russ Coiles Health Trends1079-7726
Russian journal of immunology : RJI : official journal of Russian Society of Immunology.Russ J Immunol1028-7221
The Russian review.Russ Rev
Russian social science review : a journal of translations.Russ Soc Sci Rev1061-1428
Rutgers Camden law journal.Rutgers Camden Law J0036-0449
Rutgers computer & technology law journal.Rutgers Comput Technol Law J0735-8938
Rutgers journal--computers, technology, and the law.Rutgers J Comput Technol Law0278-5633
Rutgers law journal.Rutgers Law J0277-318X
Rutgers law review.Rutgers Law Rev0036-0465
Rutland record : journal of the Rutland Record Society.Rutland Rec0260-3322
The Ryan advisory for health services governing boards.Ryan Advis Health Serv Gov Boards0161-7680
Ryoikibetsu shokogun shirizu.Ryoikibetsu Shokogun Shirizu
Ryumachi. [Rheumatism].Ryumachi0300-9157