I hope that as long as you know what QUALITY does, the graphical Java version should be obvious as to how to use it. In case it isn't, here's a brief rundown:

Enter the probabilites of false positives and/or false negatives. Values less than 0 or greater than 1 will result in an error.

To add or remove columns for data entry, press the + or - button, respectively. Sorry, there's currently no way to directly enter the number of columns you'd like. If the columns become too crowded, resize the window, or press the "New Window" to open a new resizeable window.

The "New Window" button appears when running as an applet, i.e. on the html page. Pressing this button will open a separate window, with the current data, which you can resize. When you close this window, the current data will reappear in the applet.

When you've finished entering the data for your analysis, press the "Go" button to solve it. The solution (or error messages) will appear in the scrollable text area below.