About EpitopeDB

EptopeDB in Dr. Mullins Lab at University of Washington is a web database to manage and organize immunological response data in HIV-1 research, and to provide a useful tool to store, retrieve and analyze the experimental data.

Database input

User is able to input the experiment data record by record, or by formated batch file.

Input definitions

BLCL: B lymphoblastoid cell-lines.
CTL Response: Number of spot-forming cell.
Matrix Index: For pool response experiment, if matrix is designed, the pools that make up the matrix will assign a same matrix index.
EC50: The effective peptide concentration eliciting 50% of the peak IFN-r response in the ELISpot assay.
Formatted input file: User can store the experiment data by uploading the formatted file. Following links give a templet format file in Excel for different experiments. User should follow the format, fill in the data and save the file as tab delimit text file before uploading the file.
Peptide response input file
Titration input file
HLA restriction input file
Pool response input file
Pool input file
Peptide input file

Database search

User is able to search the peptide or epitope results by genes, HLA types, patients, and peptide / epitope name, sequence and length. User can also search the pool and matrix results by pool name and peptide name or sequence in the pool.